I met today with a friend of mine, Dragos. He's a nice guy, smart, pretty good looking i guess. His biggest problem is his indecision. I mean, his BIGGEST problem.
We chatted for a couple of hours, and we went on and on about school, politics, old friends, girls. I particularly paid attention to his current situation, which he explained to me. Regarding girls, of course.
He's not a exremely steady guy, as i mentioned early. This applies to girls, as well. He enjoys their company, me being one of few good male friends. But he can never commit, or almost never. The scenario goes like this: he meets a girl. Not officially, because he doesn't go on dates. But he meets them through school, work, friends or the internet (his blog, which he made me keep secret). So far so good. He chats with them, online or offline, goes for a drink, whatever. He's kinda shy, not extremely, but he's no Alfie. He makes friends out of the girls he meets. He figures: hey, if i ever think there can be something between us, i can just give it a shot. Right? Well, wrong. As he said, it's really not easy switching from friends to more than that. Especially if the friendship is a long one. He simply doesn't know how to bring the disscution to that point. But that's not all.
He has done this so many times, and has hesitated for so long with each of them, that now he doesn't know which one would be good for him. I mean, he likes them all. And there are a lot of them. Can you choose between a handful of girls, knowing that you'd want to have them all, but still have their friendship? How would any of them feel, if they only knew he thinks about other girls?
What i told him was to try and give it a shot. What he can certainely do is put all of his efforts into one relationship, and just focus on it. You never know how one girl can make him just so happy, that he forgets the rest.
I really didn't know what other advice i could have given him. But i didn't have to. All he needed was a break from thinking about it. So i gave him a break, and i hope he can figure it out.
What really bothered me is the way he explained to me these girls. I mean he talked about them briefly, but i got the distinct impression that they all waited for him to do something, which you all know i dissaprove.
I'm sorry that i don't get to see him more often.