I hate you. I hate my bed, I hate my desk, it's full of stuff I'm dying to throw out but can't. I hate the food that I eat, whatever it is it's not good enough, it's never good enough, I hate my feet which can't seem to get any warmer, I hate my mouth, my nose, the dust all around.
I can't stand my computer with all these bookmarks, I want a new one or maybe I wanna just run away from it not having to check my mail every day. I want to sleep without hating myself about it, not wondering why I overslept when there's so much work to be done (since I'm not doing it anyway). I hate the pills, I have tons of meds, medicinal bottles, bandages and adhesive tape and no place to put them. I hate the fact that I drank more than 2L of carbonated drinks yesterday and I still have some left, which I'm sure I won't throw out.
Don't you just hate the weather outside? I do. I have to go out and make myself useful since I haven't been to work today and my boss is probably mad. Shit! I just started sneezing, I hate it when that happens, I feel freaking handicapped.
Right now I hate Facebook, Metropotam, Google, Twitter, Titan Bakery, the Bucharest map, me sleeping and me not sleeping, which I'm doing right now, all this paper that I'm collecting in order to be recycled, Alexandra, my feet are annoying me! should I just set them on fire? and just look at what i just filmed, don't you just hate it?