1. Sometimes music saves my life. I'm not suicidal, but maybe i would be if i didn't think you can get by just with music.
2. I always waste resources. I fill up my hard drive with shit, i spend all my money, i drink everything until i can't any more, etc.
3. I think I'm very lucky having the parents that i have, but i feel pretty ordinary most of the time because they're just ordinary people. They're splitting up in a year, two at max.
4. I'm kinda addicted to Facebook.
5. I don't exactly hate addictions, i just hate people who have them with no regard to the ones they love, such as gambling or smoking.
6. Ok, I'm cheating, this too is about addictions. I drink about 3L of Coca Cola per day. Or MD, very rarely Pepsi.
7. I piss like a drunken horse. Maybe because of point 6, who knows?
8.I'm much cleaner and more organized than pretty much all my room mates in the past 5 years, but i still feel like I'm lazy and filthy.
9. I used to have frequent panic attacks when it came to socializing. I'm in the process of becoming normal (what's normal?).
10. When i was in the hospital in the ninth grade, i had to listen to Bairam - Alladin for about a week over and over again. I got to like it: "eu sunt aladiiin aladiiin aladiiin, hai fetito freaca lampa mea putin"
11. I have never loved back and never have been loved back.
12. I fall for people really easy, even now when i should have more sense.
12. I'm crazy about meeting new people, mainly interesting ppl i read, but at the same time, those panic attacks..
13. I am two different people in the evening and in the morning. Sometimes I'm not alive at 7 am.
14. If i could, i wouldn't sleep for more than 4 hours a day. The problem is getting up, not staying up.
15. I'm afraid someone will notice i really haven't got many clues concerning my job, but i try to make up for it "on the down low".
16. I had a terrible crush in the 12th grade, i thought it will last forever. I got over it though.
17. But I'll never get over two (not one, but two) girls. Actually, I can only hope to be happy by being free from both of them.
18. I am an obsessive compulsive mail checker, i recently became a twitter addict as well as a general internet maniac.
19.I had a lot (A LOT) of feeds in my reader but i stopped in time and reformed, now keeping the bare necessities. 30 something.
20. I'm only completely serene when I'm alone. Other people's presence make me feel watched, judged, evaluated.
21. I have too many girl friends and i can't do anything about it.
22. I think I'm a pretty funny guy, you just have to catch me in a not-so-bad day and not have any preconception.
23. I think I'm more easily influenced than people think or even me, for that matter. I've taken up music tastes, film tastes, books, etc. But I've also filtered stuff i don't like, so I'm not sure yet.
24. I'm extremely philosophical sometimes and that can cause a lot of confusion. I (quietly) militate for the lack of prejudice, of course without realizing my own. But no one is pointing them out for me.
25. Too rarely have i had a best friend. The 2nd grade, the 12th grade, and maybe now. I'm not sure.

 Este foarte trist să constat că lista asta e la fel de actuală ca acum doi ani, cu mici excepţii. 
 3 s-a adeverit, părinţii s-au despărţit la mai puţin de un an după. 
 6 nu mai e valabilă, deşi când vine câte un deadline revine şi nevoia. 
 20 s-a dus pe apa sâmbetei, nici măcar singur nu pot fi complet liniştit.
 25 este o iluzie, nu am vreun cel mai bun prieten, deşi sunt 1-2 oameni care mă ajută (ne)condiţionat.
 Este trist.