-I don't accept lack of trust. Trust me, or I won't want to have anything to do with you.
Be calm, don't get agitated, I don't like Sprite. Chances are, if you're like me, we're not going to like each other, so don't be like me.
-I'm very curious, too curious, I'm an information freak, not in the sense of public knowledge, technicalities, the news or stuff like that. I want to know about YOU, what you did, why you did it and with who. Sometimes it hurts.
-Be completely sincere. Obviously, people don't like the truth, the whole truth and some other stuff on the side, but what you may probably not know is that people actually refuse to be sincere, refuse to divulge opinions if they consider it won't do them any good, also most people reject the truth about themselves. They also don't want to know your opinion of them, they'd rather assume you're an ignorant and don't know what you're talking about, so what would be the point in listening to you? I am sincere, I just don't do it most of the time because people are offended by it, the truth is never graceful. I can take it though, I got tired of games.
-Don't just bring up my blog and stuff I wrote there, it confuses me and I don't know what to say. We can discuss it fine if we take it into account from the beginning. This is one of my stragest traits, I can't talk about some stuff out of the blue, but I will, gladly even, if I'm at least a bit prepared for what's coming.
-The problem with girls is that they talk about all these different things and it puts guys in a bad spotlight, making them a lot less interesting, that's why I hang out with girls a lot. If you're a girl, don't get jealous, that's just stupid. If you're a guy, diversify yourself, dude, read a book!
I like taking photos, I don't like being taken pictures of, I reaaaally like girls, I can't stand girly or feminine games. I like blogs, but don't talk about blogging, man, you already write about it, why debate it orally? Talk about punani or smth. I like money, I hate borrowing, I gladly lend. I'm happy for others, not for me. Please just accept these things.
-You don't want to be dealing with me in the morning on weekdays. We'd be better off not sleeping, it saves the trouble. Sleeping is overrated, anyways.
-If you're some snotty little bitch (male or female) who can't conceive sleeping on the ground, on the beach, in a tent, in a car, if you've been raised in Bucharest, if you think this city belongs to you, if you like complaining about your life being dramatic and not doing a goddamn thing about it, if you need help and all you do is stretch out your hand while sitting on your ass, if you're filthy and disgusting and don't seem to notice a difference or you like yourself just the way you are, if you get drunk and start yelling under windows not giving a fuck that it's 3 a.m., if you don't have a reasonable sense of humour, there's a big chance I want to smash your head open with a fucking rock.
I'm sorry if you don't get everything that I find funny. I'm not perfect either, there are a lot of inside jokes I don't get, but I've been surfing the net, reading stuff, listening to audio and watching video of comedy, so I'm pretty sure that I can enjoy most jokes that run around, even if they're sick, twisted, anti-religious, racist, sexist, dry, observational humour, sketches, improv, dirty, x-rated. I just don't like monotony, that's all. Like I said, I'm sorry if you're narrow-minded (more than me, that is). I'll try to help you but you need to open up.
-I'm sorry, I am superficial too. Nobody's perfect, but if you don't at least try to improve your physical appearance, you are, in fact, the least interesting person on earth to me. Especially if you're fat and grouchy.