You think you're so clever, you think you're life is really great, then you take a big leap and find out there's nothing to hold on to. There was supposed to be a hand there. Someone took it away and left you falling, not caring.
You fall, but not peacefully. Going down you scratch the walls in despair, trying to grab onto anything, but around you are cold walls, smooth, too smooth for you. You're just a nerd. You belong neither up, nor here, your place is down, at the bottom. At the bottom, where everyone can step on you. You're almost in a coma, you can't feel them squashing you.
Where are your friends?
Working. Dancing. Enjoying life. No time for depressing people like you. You make them sick. The handful of friends you have left, anyways. You drove the rest away some time ago. The funny thing is, you never missed them at all. How can that be? Friends for years and years, and now you just lose trace and go about your life like strangers. It's easy, in fact, because you haven't been much of a friend yourself.
The question I don't want to answer is: can you really be alone for ever? Can you survive like this?