Thinking outside the box is easy like pie. When it comes to other people's issues, not your own. When you come across some of your own, you suddenly become narrow-minded and horse-eyed (well, you got the point). The simplest and most powerful expression of this is the incapability to understand other people. Moving on.

There is one issue that brought this latent thought to my mind. I was recently planning to try to revive a friendship (some friendship) by using the only trick I know, which is surprise. I had this idea to surprise my friend by sending her an anonymous gift with an anonymous note. Nothing fancy, just "I miss you" written. But of course, the idea just expired, since I published it here. Lucky me my friend doesn't have me in the yahoo list anymore. Now, i have to look for alternative methods. Look outside the box.

The reason i wrote this is because i was (sort of) given an alternative means of approach by someone today. Not the best one, but it shed a weird light on things which I had not noticed before.

Now i'm stuck. But at least I've opened the way for other roads.