Kill it!
What's the deal with this stuff? Cristina tried to explain it to me one day but since then other questions rose to power. How long does this thing exactly last?
Let's summarize: pre-menstrual period and the menstruation which is the actual bleeding. After that, i'm guessing everything's all right.
I don't get it. A simple math calculation would show that women are incapable of normal human behaviour about a third of the time. About 10 days a week. Am i missing something? Could this be the reason for all this so-called sexism all these centuries? Could it be that the rise of women to power was determined by technological breakthroughs in medicine which allowed the development of pills that supress menstrual cramps? (for which a man is responsible, i'm sure - the pills, not the cramps).
So why is the woman such an inspiration to all the romantic crap that's been written/played/said across the ages? Why do we have to "love the women, not understand them"? Did you not wish for equality? So why should you be treated any different? I absolutely h-a-t-e when she wants to talk, talk, talk and not stop, and when you bring reason and common sense into the discussion, suddenly the talk is over - women don't posess the logical component needed for a rational conversation.
There, i deviated! Are you happy, woman?!