"Valentine's Day is such a cruel holiday. If you're part of a couple, there are all kinds of expectations of flowers, candy, lingerie…. See what I mean? A holiday where you give someone a huge box of chocolates and then expect the person to put on skimpy underwear? Cruel!

And don't get me started about being single on Valentine's Day. Yeah, I'm married now, but I spent my share of Valentine's Days eating Oreos with a girlfriend and muttering sarcastic remarks at the Hugh Grant DVD we were watching. If you're not receiving a huge bouquet or hauling around a bunch of heart-shaped balloons, it's better to just hole up in your pajamas until it all blows over."

Am luat de pe blogul Yahoo 360 Team. So, lay low in your pijamas! si nu primiti pe nimeni care nu indeasa pe vizor bomboane sau flori! Mai zicea acolo tipa asta ca totusi sunt unii care isi gasesc iubirea vietii lor pe Yahoo 360... wtf?? pe bune? cine stie domle de unde sare iepurele/iepuroaica...

Am auzit ca ploua afara.. pe bune? nici nu am interactionat cu za outside world inca. Noroc de vanzatorii de umbrele 4 2 (adica umbrele pentru doi ;) ) si ghinion de alde Yin si Yang care n-au.