What happened to me?
Where am I?
What's the time? Oh, it's kinda late, what am I doing up at this hour?
Why is this desk such a mess?
Why does it smell so badly in here? Why doesn't someone open the window?

Wait... why is my head spinning? Omfg, there are tons of pills everywhere, was I going to kill myself? What the hell was I thinking?
How did I end up like this? I can't remember a thing, can anyone tell me?
I'm incapable of breathing through my nose, or going to sleep, for that matter; what disturbed me so much that I can't sleep?
Does anyone know what I'm supposed to be doing? Why am I snapping my fingers?
I have a vague sense that I've lost all will to live, these kinds of things transcend memory capabilities, I think feelings towards life reside in a different part of the brain, but I can't really say what I was like before; does anyone have any answers? Please, remind me!