Chick: -I worked a lot of time into this.. this... this presentation and you are just not taking me seriously!
Guy: -Just wanna have a clean play, finish the presentation...
Chick: -Me too!
Guy #2: -Oh cmmon, we've just been waiting to see your tits all day!
Chick: -I can't believe you guys! You seriously just hired me just to look at my fucking tits? (background hahaha)? Are you serious?! Don't you have families? That's what you wanna do at work, stare at fucking titties all day?
Guy: -Pretty much, yeah...
Chick: -Does that make you happy? So, that's why you hired me, because you maybe have this possibility of fucking me?
Chick: -Well, just for your information... ok, big boy? ... that janitor has more chance of fucking me than you guys do!
Guys: -Hahahah, yeah right!
(goes up to the janitor, grabs his collar and takes him on the office)
Janitor: -Not again! holy shit!
Protests from the other two guys: -This is my fucking office, what the fuck is this?
....................startin to get hot.............................
Guys: -Dude, she's seriously fucking the janitor! *roumoring in the background*
Janitor: -Hey, hey!
Chick: -Quiet down here, ok?! We're trying to concentrate!
Janitor: -I'm a master of the custodial arts, I'm not a fucking janitor! *pulls cock out*