I had the funniest break up the other day*. After a busy day, she asked me (online): What am I to you? Except for the fact that I can't be called a fuck buddy, but still.. is that why you advanced this relationship?
Despite the fact that I was terrified of the question, I somehow managed to keep my composure and not give in to the urging need to escape the conversation and just be done with it. I knew I had to deal with it right then, there wasn't going to be a next time.
I could say I overkept my cool, being quite ironic, in fact. Suits me well. In fact, I was trying to buy time, maybe, just maybe she would return to her senses (to this day I still don't know why she asked me that, but it doesn't really matter, does it? People can imagine whole scenarios from scratch, without any real-life basis, which are more credible than anything).
She was a one track minded** girl. So she insisted again and again. Finally, I gave in and told her very light-hearted: I'm sorry to disappoint you, no.
How do you think this discussion ended? I bet you wouldn't guess in a million years that this was the ending. No further human contact was ever initiated from that point.
I realize it sounds really crazy and the people that pretend to know me would say: that's just stubborn Mihai. Is it? I never in my life saw anything clearer than this ending. Anybody is free to judge, it's actually a fun discussion topic when you're neutral in it, i'm sure.
This was a very difficult thing to write, not because it hurts or something, but because it's debatable whether it's allowed to tell such things to everyone. If it's not... well, you'll excuse a young fool.

*i don't exactly know if the other day refers to a couple of days past, but it's more than that, it's been some time now.
**i know there's a blog about a one track minded girl and that one track is sex. if the expression one track minded refers to sex, then i used it incorrectly.