A job is a life ruiner. It kills your dreams, instead of helping you fulfill them. How can you achieve your goals if you don't have the time or the resources needed? Money is good, earning your money gives you satisfaction, but the process of work (let's call it labour, sounds a bit more appropriate) makes you forget to enjoy life or the stuff that comes with money.
If I would have gone to work in the US I would have been miserable for 3 months but happy for a lot more after. And I would have enjoyed the hard earned money, as well. But instead, I ended up doing 9 hours per day, and one of the few happy moments i get to enjoy are football matches, important ones, just like tonight, but unfortunately Dinamo-Lazio 1-3 right now. It was too good to be true.

Azi am fost prea misogin. Insa nu m-a auzit nimeni. Cred ca am zis fetei din fata mea de vreo 10 ori azi "faaa, esti urata cu spume", de fiecare data alta fata, la metrou, si de fiecare data doar in mintea mea. Insa au fost si multe bune cu draci.