0. Ignorance - continue life as nothing has changed. Walk around bare-headed, no gloves, ass wet from the bike seat. Occasionally drink refrigerated wine by yourself.

1. Awareness - lose control of larynx while witnessing your voice turn into the sexiest shit ever for bitchez. Do a lot of talking and accept beers in pubs. Next day go to the gym and return by bike, all sweaty.

2. Indignation - wake up one morning with a very sore throat and severe coughing and sneezing. Curse Zeus for not letting you stay in phase 1. Dust off the boiler, put socks on. Reluctantly decline participation in weekly football game. Sleep through snow, then wake up and bike some more to the city to buy medicine.

3. Acceptance - get into the rhythm of pills and teas and fruit and shit; maintain awesomeness and do some long overdue and efficient work in preparation for thesis. Keep drinking tea and prepare for next day when must wake up early and work the tongue (literally).

(?) 2. Indignation - not be able to sleep for lack of pause between sneezes. Cannot concentrate on sleep or not concentrate on anything with a sneeze lurking every two minutes. Still persist in keeping eyes closed and body on bed. Curse gods, blow nose with no long-term effect, take a piss, keep trying.

(!) 3. Acceptance - get up determined to put an end to said fit of sneezing, begin new toilet paper roll, make new tea, eat cookies. Google 'how to stop sneezing', discover marginally useful things. Get used to idea that sleep will not happen and browse the internet. Discover quality content and have a good time. Wonder if waking up in the morning is achievable. Wonder if sleep is achievable in the first place.

4. Revival - ????
 *images are not guaranteed to correspond or even make sense