Most women are not perfect, some not by far. But each and every one has that great quality, may it be phisical or not. Some have beautiful eyes that stun a man in his place. Others have soothing voices, calming and balanced, superbe. Some women have great breasts that turn heads in the morning at the subway. Some just have a great sense of fashion and they're impressively dressed. Rarely (maybe not so rarely in Romania) she has the perfect face, just an angel, and you can't find your words in front of this miracle... you keep asking yourself just like in that stupid joke ("Did it hurt? ..? When u fell from heaven!"). Killer legs, perfectly shaped ass, tempting mouth, this could be other qualities that women know, from time to time, they posess (you know, in that short time when they're free of insecurities). Still, carying a great pair of breasts, or being fashionable, having long legs hasn't exactly helped your love life (and i'm not talking about sex). Too bad. But your luck's about to change, because, even if for a short time, there are lots of guys who can give you comfort by taking comfort in your qualities (did I say that right?). And if you just don't have what it takes to be rescued by prince charming, you might as well have fun for the rest of your life with these guys (more than one!).